Tutti-frutti cupcakes

I had picked a pack of tutti-frutti and it was in my refrigerator  for a while now. I try to add it as decoration on top of the banana cupcakes before they went into the oven. It was not so great as the tutti-frutti became overly dry.

For years seeing the tutti frutti in the bread that we bought from bakery and seeing a few blogs gave me an idea of using it in the sponge cake. Thus, came up with the tutti-frutti cupcake.


100 gms Tutti-frutti (I used Red ones, other colors are also available)

For rest of the ingredients check out  sponge cake post.

This way please…

The steps are almost the same as in the  sponge cake post. Here is the changes –

Once the batter is ready, add the tutti-frutti. Mix well.


Grease the cupcake molds and put in the batter. Bake it at 180 degree Celsius for 30 mins. My cupcakes were ready at the end of 20mins.


Cool them on a rack and enjoy these delicious little cakes 🙂



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