A birthday and a cake

Last week, I celebrated my birthday. The celebration were a little different. My 4-year old daughter told me, “Amma, I’m a little girl I can’t go to the shop and order a cake for you so instead you bake one at home and we’ll cut it together”. I melted at those words and baked a sponge cake. She wanted a birthday cake. I didn’t want to let her down. So while she napped, I did a little decoration. My birthday cake looked like this –


This is what I did
I baked a basic sponge cake in a hexagonal cake tin.

With help of a sharp knife, I cut the cake vertically into two.

Using store bought vanilla icing I spread it on one slice. Then, closed it with the other half. Then, I spread the icing all over the cake liberally using the knife.

Later, decorated it with the very colorful Gems.



I had grated a bar chocolate and kept in the freezer for an hour. I used this to further decorate the cake.


And that is how I got my birthday cake!!!
BTW, this is my first attempt at decoration. Hope to improve this skill with time 🙂


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