Hi There!

Nith’s Cuisines is collection of all the dishes cooked in my kitchen. I love food. Both eating and cooking. I generally prefer to cook something different every time! I don’t claim all the recipe are self-created but certainly all the recipes are cooked at least once by me 🙂 The collection of recipes is from various sources starting from my grandmother, mom, my dearest dad, friends, blogs, cookbooks and  my old diary.

I must mention here that initially when I started my experiments in the kitchen I would write down the recipe in my dear diary and then try it. What I did not do is write down the source along with the recipe. So, the recipe is a part of my kitchen and I have forgotten the source. Back then, I did not know I would start a blog. Now that I have a blog, if you feel that any recipe is from your blog, please let me know I would love to give its due credits.

If you try out any recipe, I would love to hear how it turned out. I can’t wait to hear if I can do any improvisations. Also, please share a pic of  how the recipe turned out. Would love to share it as well.


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