Cucumber-Tomato-Spring Onion salad

I’m introducing yet another simple salad. One of my daughter’s favorite.

This is salad is best eaten fresh. I say this because the salt in the salad dehydrates the cucumber and tomatoes and the water from the veggies will make the salad watery. So, mix the curds just before serving!


1 cucumber, chopped

2 med-sized tomatoes, chopped

2-3 stalks of spring onion, finely chopped

1/2 cup curds ( This quantity can be varied depending on how dry you want your salad to be)

1/4 tsp  black pepper powder

1/4 tsp jeera/cumin seed powder

salt to taste

This is how we proceed…

Take the chopped cucumber, tomatoes, spring onions in a bowl. Here is a pic of the colorful trio when I chopped them –


In another bowl, take the curds. To this add salt, pepper powder and jeera powder. Beat it well to get a smooth consistency.


Add the beaten curds to the veggies and toss it. Your colorful salad is ready! You can enjoy it as it is or with any kind of rice.


Let me know how it turns out!!